AUDIO: Judy Pearson – “My Guiding Key”

Judy Pearson, one of the UK’s most promising singer-songwriters, takes us on a journey with her new single, ‘My Guiding Key’. The new release is the work of Judy herself and producer Geoffrey Ahn; their synergy pays off massively!

The physical nature of ‘My Guiding key’ is inspiring, and it is an honest mirror of her inner feelings. “If I lose my way and can’t find the light, you come to my side and make it alright”, says Judy as she opens the single. The song’s first line establishes the mood for the entire composition, and it is admirable to see an artist getting straight to the point quickly.

She speaks about her relationship with another, frequently referring to them as her saviour and the reason why she persistently stays on course when life gets tricky. The emotion in her voice reflects the narrative. The music, which combines pop and indie aesthetics, is equally persuasive. Judy’s electrifying vocal layers with the synths and the addition of piano gives the encounter extra emotion.

The production has an 80s feel to it as well, and the drums sound like numerous 1980s pop classics. Despite being more acclimated to the electro-inspired tunes that are currently emerging, it is a style that many contemporary musicians are utilising, and it works well on ‘My Guiding Key’.

You can listen here.

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