Big Beat MKE 2022 Night Four Recap

The Jackalope Lounj came alive once again on Thursday, as we capped off the final night of the opening round. It was one of the louder nights in the Third Ward, and that was before the beats even started rattling the stage. Two more names would move on to the quarterfinals, and a full house was ready to cheer the producers on.

The night began with a newcomer against a veteran, as Orange Drink went up against SDProduces. While SD played things through the house system, Orange Drink opted to play his beats live, utilizing an MPC from the stage. Both producers brought a different energy, and it had the crowd calling for an overtime round. Orange Drink was a worthy competitor, but ultimately SDProduces had the crowd screaming for him to move on.

The second battle of the night featured a pair of newcomers, as No B took on Nathan Weller, who slid his way into the competition after another producer was unable to compete. Weller was the alternate for this year, just missing the cut of the final 16, but proved himself well worthy of being in the battle with some funky beats that surprised the crowd. No B brought some heavy bass to counter that, with the Unfinished Legacy cronies in the crowd hyping him up from just off stage. It was a fairly even contest, and host Riz, as well as the judges called for an overtime round. The battle was a fairly even split, with No B prevailing as the contest went down to the fan vote.

Not to be outdone, the night’s performances kept the energy up at Jackalope Lounj as well. The night opened with $hunmillion$, who brought out Earth2xay to help him rock his set. Some heavy beats had the building rocking in that set as well. The night capped off with Yogie B and Keez, who fittingly played as Thursday night turned to Friday, and the crowd enjoyed their fair share of libations. It all combined for another big night at Big Beat MKE, and things only get more intense from here now that the next round of the tournament begins.

Join us next week for the first round of the quarterfinals, as Scylla and Systematik will do battle, as well as Mystik Musick and James Ashen. Performances from Kia Rap Princess and Juke Marciano are also sure to set things off as well. Don’t miss out! Here’s the latest bracket update below:

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