VIDEO: The Riverwest Sessions: Jon Henry & The Nameless Travelers

When I started talking with Jeremy Zelman about The Nameless Travelers spending an afternoon with The Riverwest Sessions, I left it up to them as a band who they wanted to bring in to record with them, as is standard practice with all the bands invited to play the series. Jeremy suggested bringing in MKE-based emcee & songwriter Jon Henry. Jeremy and Jon were already familiar with each other, and I was already very familiar with them, due in part to The Unscripted & Friends, another series I curate & organize. I was already a fan of both, and was sold on the idea of the two acts recording together already, and then Jeremy brought up the idea of The Nameless Travelers performing as Jon Henry’s band for his set, and I knew we just had to spend an afternoon recording that. I’ve always had a love for Hip Hop with live musical accompaniment.

Despite being very different stylistically, Jon Henry and Jeremy Zelman have a bit in common as songwriters, most notably their socially conscious lyrics and the progressive messages behind the songs.

– Mason Schwab, Curator & series creator, “The Riverwest Sessions”  

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