Big Beat MKE 2022 Night Two Recap

The second night of the opening round at Big Beat MKE 2022 kicked off on Thursday, and it did not disappoint. While there were some unexpected changes, a large crowd at the Jackalope Lounj got a show, with a pair of battling veterans, a surprise guest performer, and an unexpected challenger to give the tournament a moment to remember.

The night opened up with Scylla vs. Hot Science, pitting a pair of veteran producers against one another. While Scylla has competed internationally in beat battles as well as some high profile competitions in the US, he hadn’t been to Big Beat MKE before. He came out with plenty of energy and some clever samples, and was matched by Hot Science, who played beats live using a synth on stage. It was truly a showcase of two strong competitors, and the crowd was hungry for a fourth round, giving the tournament its second overtime in two nights. Ultimately, in a close matchup, Scylla walked out as the victor.

The second battle of the night was slated to be RonnieBeats vs. Systematik. Unfortunately, RonnieBeats didn’t show, which meant Systematik automatically moved on to the quarterfinals. However, the Jackalope Lounj crowd wouldn’t be left hanging. A huge thank you goes out to Yoshi from the Beats, Rhymes and Bodyslams podcast, who was able to step up on literally 20 minutes notice to deliver beats for an exhibition battle, which was main event worthy in its own right. Yoshi had smooth samples and rattled The Wicked Hop with bass, while Systematik merged heavy metal and trap in a way that had the crowd screaming. While we didn’t declare a winner, everyone in the crowd was certainly treated to a show.

The night’s performers also took things to a different level, with Nile and 2Hi pulling out all the stops in their sets. 2Hi was constant motion, jumping in and out of the crowd, with a mosh pit of Unfinished Legacy cronies up front and a guest appearance from Lake. Nile also had the crowd bouncing, with a pit of his own slamming into the bar and stage. On top of all of that, Nile brought out Huey V to make a guest appearance, and he gave us three songs of his own.

Things could have very much went left on Thursday night, but it ended up being a wild night for the ages. Don’t miss next week when Gucco and mood-z make their Big Beat MKE debuts against one another, and when Mighty Morphin’ Verge of Phat Nerd Records takes on Spacecrime in a battle for the ages. Plus we have performances from A.C. The Ruler and Puerto Wiccan. Here’s your updated bracket:

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