VIDEO: Guerrilla Ghost Featuring Nile & Taiyamo Denku – “Fifth Heaven”

Guerrilla Ghost are preparing for the release of their new album, “Hell Is Empty and All the Devils Are Here,” and they’ve enlisted the help of Nile and Taiyamo Denku for a single from the new project, “Fifth Heaven.” Produced by Tron Jovi, the track features an overpowering synth, in the signature dystopian production style that makes Guerrilla Ghost what it is, and all three emcees bring their own contribution to the table. The verses talk about racism, being held down, and taking back the power with a trio of aggressive flows. The video from CTM Films positions the crew in the cemetery delivering the track, in theme with the title. Be sure to check out Guerrilla Ghost at the release of their new record alongside Spoy on April 14th at Best Place at the Pabst Brewery, and check out the video below:

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