ARTIST SPOTLIGHTS: LO/ST, Wolves with Virginia

Chicago’s bluesy-psych rockers Daiychain at Bremen Cafe Thursday night, joined by LO/ST and Wolves with Virginia.

LO/ST consists of vocalist/keyboardist/guitarist Stephanie Glyzewski, guitarist/vocalist Logan Zweifel, bassist Jake Beyer, and drummer Blake Akers. They play moody, atmospheric indie rock with soaring vocals and patient melodies. The band’s name is a combination of the first two letters of Zweifel and Glyzewski’s first names. They formed in 2017, as Zweifel explains.

“Steph and I started riffing around together and writing songs, and we needed a badass rhythm section so we called up Jake and Blake. I remember the first time we all practiced together and it was like magic.”

“We’ve tried on a lot of different phases of goals, like when we first started we would just jam and have practice all the time and then play shows whenever we got asked,” Glyzewski added. “We didn’t play our first show for like two years. The more music we’ve released, the more intentional we’ve gotten with what we do and where we play.”

In January 2021, the band released their EP “All I Find.” Glyzewski shares a bit about the themes.

“That was when we were first finding our groove with what made sense together. I had these five songs that were inspired by my college relationship. We’ve actually kind of moved away from writing about relationships, but this was the story of your first love and how you give them literally everything, and you try to convince them to keep what you have going.”

Beyer added, “The EP was really a DIY project for the most part. We recorded drums at Wire & Vice in Tosa and did everything else ourselves in my and Blake’s basement. Then we had Mystery Room master it.”

They dropped their song “Ego” the following month.

“That’s a different boy,” Glyzewski laughed. “It was this one pop song we had that’s just a “fuck you” to players.”

“That one was kind of crazy to record and mix because there’s a lot of tracks,” Zweifel said.

Fast forward to now, the band is working on their debut full-length album.

“Again, we’re mostly doing it DIY,” Beyer explained. “This time we’re doing the drums ourselves too but still having Justin Perkins master it. We’re trying to take it to the next evolution of our sound and be more intentional in the studio writing all our parts instead of the parts coming together through us jamming. We’re all pretty excited about it.”

Glyzewski added, “It’s very different from anything we’ve done but probably one of the more consistent things we’re releasing. It’s a lot more focused on the contemplative religious-political-sociology reflection.”

Zweifel said, “We’ve all become good friends, so this has been a lot of fun whereas the EP was pretty stressful to record.”

LO/ST play Company Brewing tonight for Nyx’s EP release party.

Wolves with Virginia is vocalist/guitarist Ryley Northrup, guitarist Jake Wild, bassist Dane Drake, and drummer Rob Schreiner. They play Americana-tinged rock and roll and have been in this current lineup (sans Drake, who played his second show with them Thursday) for about two years. The band’s name is a play on “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”.

“I originally started playing acoustic sets at Linneman’s,” Northrup explained. “Then this drunken guy comes up to me one night and tells me I need to start a band…turns out that guy was Jake. He helped me polish up the songs I had written on acoustic guitar, and then we put out a Craigslist ad shortly after, which Rob answered and he’s stuck with us ever since. We started in the basement and just kept going and going.”

They put out a “Live At Enlightened” EP in March 2020.

Northrup shared, “We needed to have some sort of material out there as a full band; we had yet to go into the studio so I just set up a little mic and recorded our show, then went back and fixed the levels a little bit so we could have some music out there.”

Now the band is working on their debut studio EP.

Northrup said, “We’ve recorded the drums and bass over at Howl Street; we took those tracks, and Jake wanted to do his own thing with guitar, so he’s working with those and then we’ve still got to do vocals. I wrote a song called “Black River Falls” about the “Wisconsin death trip” and we haven’t played that song yet. I tend to find myself watching Ken Burns documentaries and then getting ideas to write these historic stories and creating characters. I always said, if you can write through the eyes of somebody else then you can be whoever you want. “Riverside” is about me and my hometown; “Puppeteer” is a pretty personal song that I wrote when I was like eighteen when I had a friend who was being strung along in a relationship by this guy that she did everything for, and I had to just stand by and watch it.”

Wolves with Virginia plan to finish recording in the next few months, do a music video, and get merch out. They play Arts @ Large on April 8th.

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