VIDEO: Protege Featuring Traxx Sanders – “Heartbeat”

The right message is more important than a catchy hook or slick visuals. Fortunately for Protege, he combines all three with his recent video for “Heartbeat,” which was released in conjunction with Trayvon Martin’s 10-year memorial and the end of Black History Month. The track is about the unfortunate realities of being black in America that still exist, and the importance of keeping your head up when there’s not a lot to be optimistic about. The video from DineroGangRay is thoughtful, putting Protege in an elementary school, and pointing out the works of civil rights activists and black authors, in a way signifying that there are people to aspire to be like, even when society may not make that the easiest of tasks. It’s certainly a video that more people need to see. Check out the clip below:

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