AUDIO: HymnWho – “A Glorious Rise”

The sophomore album from HymnWho dropped today, and he’s ready to make his presence felt on a grand scale. “A Glorious Rise” is certainly an expansion from 2021’s “Retroactive Phenomenon,” as he looks to put increased substance into his work, making this project stand out in the process. With buzzy, electronic elements, tracks on this release feel subdued and dark, yet HymnWho looks to show a more complete version of himself on the lyrics. There’s signs of vulnerability in the personal lyrics, which can get overshadowed by the heavy bass if you allow them to. That’s the core of this record; if you want to be blissfully ignorant and bounce to the beat, you can do that, but there’s genuine emotion in what he conveys verbally. Choose your own route, and check out “A Glorious Rise” below:

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