AUDIO: Kyle John Kenowski – “Singtuary” / “Papier-Mache” / “Nic-Nac”

It’s time to check in with psychedelic folk pop artist Kyle John Kenowski, who has been gradually adding songs to his “infinite” album “Ourugorus Garden.” He’s got three new ones out and each has its own cartoonish, playful flare. “Singtuary” combines Mario-esque video game music, tambura samples, and cuckoo field recordings with Kenowski’s signature yelps. “Papier-mache” has a collage-like quality with various samples of different instrumental and vocal passages, concluding with some feathery experimental electronica. “Nic-Nac” returns to Kenowski’s acoustic psych-folk form with lyrics of being shrouded in nature’s elemental forces. It’s so exciting to see Kyle John Kenowski reaching into such stylistic blends while retaining his sense of eccentric wonder and frolicsome demeanor with each contribution to “Ourugorus Garden.” Stay tuned for more to come.

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