AUDIO: The Lucky 13s – “Ain’t Got No Money”

The Lucky 13s bring the soul and funk to the vanguard with their latest single, ‘Ain’t Got No Money’. The band, which Jamie Johnson of The Voice UK fronts, impress here, offering an early year gift to their loyal fanbase while also gratifying a new line of admirers.

‘Ain’t Got No Money’ bursts at the seams with ardency! Furthermore, the band’s performance leaves no stone uncovered. The beat begins with quick snare beats that smack the cheeks like a wet kipper. The guitar then fluidly pulls us deeper into the mix as the bass grooves kick us up the rear. The horn section, which appears later in the track, adds even more panache to an already captivating experience, and by the time it’s through, you’ll be clinging to the replay button, begging for more! “Please, Jamie, please, just one more time!”

Jamie Johnson’s vocals are frankly fantastic! When it comes to voice delivery, this fella can’t go wrong. He mesmerised the British audience in 2014 on the BBC’s flagship voice show, and now he’s gripping us once more! His tones also work beautifully with the supporting harmonies that emerge from the production in the background. It’s a thrilling ride; fasten your seat belt.

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