VIDEO: J.O.S.E. – “SixFeetDeep”

J.O.S.E. has a new video out from his “Music For The Soul, Vol. 2” project that dropped last year, and his flow is deadly on “SixFeetDeep.” The track was produced by Super Ego Beats, and the two lean in to the sound of previous generations with a hard-hitting, backpacker friendly beat. J.O.S.E. doesn’t mince words, giving you a grimy flow that will make any fan of true lyricism nod their head in appreciation. The performance video has J.O.S.E. in the back alleys of the city, matching the sonic aesthetic of the track, with a top-notch production all the way around. J.O.S.E. needs to be on your radar if you’re a hip hop fan, and you can check out the video for “SixFeetDeep” below:

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