VIDEO: MKE Phill Way & MKE Quan – “For My City”

MKE Phill Way & MKE Quan are looking to make their mark on Milwaukee, and they have a strong new effort with their new video for “For My City.” The track features trap production with crisp harmonies about making it out of the basement, and all of the things that may entail along the way. While they do talk about hustling hard, there’s just a bit of humility that shines through in the delivery of the song, with notable bars about seeing violence in the hood growing up and losing people along the way. In some respects, you want to root for Phill Way and Quan by the end of this, and this video from DineroGangRay is hopefully just the beginning of their run. Check it out below:

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  • I think they need to do solo projects and they we really can see their individual talents!!! I love the song. It’s definitely a hit maker….

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