AUDIO: Lennin Ledesma Featuring LiRoot & TJB – “Sour Patch Kid 2”

Lennin Ledesma, LiRoot & TJB have all been busy as of late, but managed to link up for a new single, “Sour Patch Kid 2.” The follow-up to a collaboration from Ledesma’s 2020 “Unwrapped” project, the trio talk about how life was growing up, and how that shaped who they are today. The raps skew towards the backpack side of things, without being too over the top lyrically. It feels like a cypher to some extent, with the trio of rappers taking to the mellow beat with ease. The song will certainly have you nodding along, and each artist brings just enough to the mic to take things in new directions with every verse. Listen to “Sour Patch Kid 2” below:

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