AUDIO: Glitch Project – “No More”

‘No More’ is the return of Glitch Project. This year, the Italian female two-piece have been working hard, and their brilliance appears to know no limitations, as evidenced by this new treat! Most likely their final song of 2021, and a tune that properly sums up their year!

This new release delves deeper into society and the two-piece outfit’s own feelings. They delve even more in-depth into the mind, adding to the already fascinating storyline of their previous releases, ‘Bloom’ and ‘Wane’. Compared to their earlier releases this year, the music on ‘No More’ takes a new route. With a gradually rising overture, the guitar takes the lead focus this time. The voices quickly emerge, and Maida, the lead singer, draws us into her world. Her vocals are distinctive, and a low vocal follows her every word; it sounds like a male voice but could be an effect.

The chorus takes on a whole new meaning. The drums kick in and pound away in the background, accompanied by a slew of electronic elements, including a synthesiser that gives the track a unique vibe. After the first refrain, the structure shifts, and we hear a beautiful sounding piano, which adds even more sentiment to the already touching track. The tones that come out of this track are exhilarating, and they offer us a clear indication of what we can expect from their 2022 releases!

Overall, the Glitch ladies have done it again; smashed it! Excellent work!

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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