Toigo’s at his Best on “We’ve Got Tonight to Leave Me Broken”

By Deuce

“We’ve Got Tonight to Leave Me Broken”, the latest single from the enigmatically named Toigo, is peppy, upbeat, and replete with fun. The man’s bass is prominent, his guitars are the real issue, and more than anything else, he’s drummed up a winner of a hook that you’re likely to remember—even after hearing the tune just once which, of course, is the point and one of the traits of a hit record.

Funny thing about the chorus is it’s evoked in a voice and style that totally defies that characterizing the verses. The former is nothing but pure falsetto, super high-pitched in comparison to the latter, and prolongs a single word (if such “oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhh” can be called) while getting ever higher in pitch.

The effect is catchy, memorable, and denotes a sort of roller coaster ride—those drastic drops that leave your stomach somewhere way above you, who knows how many hundreds of feet—that Toigo banks on again and again on this tune to make it unequivocally work.

Plus, he has the acumen and foresight to eschew the traditional rock out guitars (that usually hit someplace, in the solos at least, if not dominate the hook) that have the tendency to mess up songs when they breeze through as cool as this one does. Instead, Toigo’s guitars are able to maintain a degree of electricity, if you will, that doesn’t rage and maintains its composure to tickle in places.

Such is the case in the couple bars preceding the onset of a new verse or, perhaps, that of the rising action or bridge. As previously mentioned, there’s at least two of those bad boys, each with respective effects (or perhaps one with and one without an effect) that frolic with one another for the duration of the track. There’s also the said bass which thumps while swiftly moving to truly set the bar for the rest of the music, and musicians, perhaps, to follow.

Other than the artist, the cut was masterminded by Brian Howse, who co-wrote and produced it to spectacular effect, achieving much in a short while on this pop tune.  

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