AUDIO: HollowHecatomb – “Procession of Evil”

Industrial rock project HollowHecatomb released a new album on Virtues Label this past week. Incorporating elements of black metal and harsh noise and even hardcore punk, this body of work is dissonant and hellish. The cacophony of many creeds culminates into a truly brutal exhibition – in the best way. German punks Fliehende Sturme contribute on the third track while New York punks Cro-Mags appear on the final track. If you’re looking for something uncompromisingly heavy and dense, check out HollowHecatomb’s new record.

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  • Please Note: The songs “Sleepwalking” and “Why Don’t You” are just cover songs. None of the members from Fliehende Sturme or Cro-Mags contributed or performed on this album.

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