REVIEW: Fousheé At Summerfest

It feels good to be back. Back to writing about music. Back to Summerfest. Back to discovering new and upcoming artists to talk about. Last night I checked out up and coming artist FOUSHEÉ (pronounced foo-shay) at the Johnson Controls World Stage to a humble crowd. The young artist just dropped her first album and is known for her song “Deep End” of TikTok fame. I don’t think I’ve ever used this word to describe any show, but it was cute. It was clear that she is doing what she loves and is just so happy to be on the stage showcasing her music. That being said it was a evident there were some nerves that were worked through in the first few songs that added to the overall experience.

The Band

New Jersey born singer FOUSHEÉ blends R&B, reggae, rap, folk, and more into a genre-agnostic gumbo of soulful reflection. After a stint in The Voice she branched out and decided to do her own thing and that’s for the best. Because with this independence she was able to create something special that stands out than anything else in the industry. She and her talented band of two guitars, a bass combine to make this alternative R&B sound that is not heard in popular music today. Coming from a musically talented family with her mother being in an all women reggae band you can hear her roots in a bit of each of her songs that make them feel uniquely individual and filled with soul.

The Experience

Coming out to a modest crowd on the opening day of Summerfest, FOUSHEÉ took to the stage in mild fashion. She greeted the crowd and went right into her songs. At first I thought maybe there were a bit of nerves as she mentioned this was the first show of their tour in a mousy sounding voice, but after the third song she tweaked her volume and this is when she became alive. It was almost as if though it was an awakening of her personality and her songs as she became alive and her band matched her feelings as they began to play louder and faster. Shout out to the lead guitar player who began screaming 90’s grunge fueled guitar solos that drew in people from Summerfest crowd to hear more.

About halfway through she played her big hit of “Deep End” which was celebrated by the audience in chorus as they sang with her. At this point I was worried that folks would begin to leave because they heard “that one song” but it was a nice surprise to see that FOUSHEÉ sank her melodic hooks into the crowd to stay for the rest of the show. It was after this song that you could tell that FOUSHEÉ was in her element and proceeded to play some of her other hits that had features from Lil Yatchy and Lil Wayne to again an excited crowd.

One of the interesting outliers for the show was her cover of “Enjoy The Silence” by Depeche Mode. Her twist on it gave off the same haunting vibes of the original but also blended a new feel that breathed life into a classic. She continued on her roll of playing hits and even rapped a bit of the songs she had features on. I very much enjoyed her genre bending style of soulful R&B songs and more contemporary pop hits like “Single AF” that highlight a shitty breakup that she turned into a hit.

All of this came to an end in a meager finish. She simply said “That’s all the music I have, I wish there was more because I don’t want to stop.” The crowd was not done with her though as they asked for more and requested she play her hit “Clap For Him” one more time. After a bit of back and the crowd she happily obliged and had everyone signing with her once again.

The Verdict

FOUSHEÉ is going to be someone to keep an eye on these next few years. I predict we will see more hits in the future that change up the way we look at “normal” music. I’m excited to see her again as she begins to increase in popularity. Between her and her young band these folks are going to make waves the same way that we’ve seen other artists like Doja Cat and Cardi B blow up, but in a much more humble artistic way. If you don’t know who she is, go listen to her. Between her singles and her album there’s so much to love and explore.

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