Blake Red Is Reborn On The Cradle EP

By Deuce

Time was, not so long ago, that Blake Red was simply talking about her latest EP, The Cradle. In fact, it was only a couple of months ago that she was sharing big plans, tales of recording sessions, and some of the inspirations for the oeuvre.

But now it’s here, four tracks deep, including the previously released “Follow Me” and, by all accounts, well worth the wait.

Though an artist like Blake is really just beginning in earnest (this is her second EP to date), she’s already in the category of some of the most premier performing artists around such as Stevie Wonder and Prince. Who else aside from those two cranked out projects playing all the instruments, not to mention hitting the vocal booth just as hard after writing the tunes?

The point of distinction, however, is not even Prince was so overtly hardened in his rock, electric guitars, and overall furor, as Red is on this body of work. Cold part about it, it’s not just the guitars and the bass in which she’s so expressive, but the drumming as well. Check how she goes for broke on the cue sticks during the hook of the title track, after trying to fool you with a slightly off-kilter, almost conventional pattern during the verses.

The best of her drumming, however, is likely found on “This Reincarnation”, in which the breakdowns serve as a showcase for her talent on this instrument. Words somehow seem inadequate to describe her intensity, which certainly comes through unadulterated after even a casual listen.

Still, her affinity for banging on the kicks and snares does nothing to decrease her aptitude for the aforementioned stringed instruments. As predominant as the electric guitars are on this project, they manage to coincide note for note with the bass in unison on “Reincarnation”, with just a hint of drumming in the back to spotlight her work in the vocal booth during the verses. On “The Cradle” the incendiary guitar solo around the two minute mark almost puts the rest of the tune to shame with its ardor, which is one of the hallmarks of the way this young woman approaches her singing, songwriting, and solos.

Hopefully one of these days she’ll put that talent to use towards a full length offering.

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