The Calling AKA The BLAKE RED Story

By Deuce

Some are chosen; others are called. For BLAKE RED, it was definitely the latter.

“I have a really early memory of me being on vacation with my family, and I was probably about five or six years old, and I saw a guitar in the window of a mall that we were shopping at, an electric guitar,” the singer-song writer recalled. “It just really called to me.”

RED, who just finished recording her latest single “The Cradle”—scheduled for an independent release on June 8—last weekend, heeded. On that same trip she got her first acoustic guitar (what she affectionately termed “the family guitar”) and, before long, was following in the footsteps of many in her family by first playing, then eventually writing and recording music.

With a mother who played piano and guitar, a father who has his own jazz band, an uncle who’s a guitarist, and another uncle who’s a professional musician, RED’s genetic disposition for music comes as no surprise. What’s much more unforeseen is the collection of instruments she’s mastered. On “The Cradle” she was at the helm of the bass and guitar before she stepped in the vocal booth to belt out the lyrics. She’s equally adept on the drums and piano, too.

That’s not the only point of departure for the musician in relation to her forbears. Up to date she’s one of the few in her clan to issue a recording, which she formally accomplished with the release of her debut EP S.O.S.: Songs On Suicide in 2019. Her biggest influence, however, is likely the sheer might of the electronic feel to the rollicking rock tunes for which she’s swiftly becoming known.

“It’s very empowering to play that kind of music and have the amp behind me playing big riffs like Megadeath would,” the artist admitted. “Even just like, blasting that music in my car when I’m driving; it feels empowering.”

That sense of empowerment was palpable on the singer’s latest offering “Follow Me”, which went live in March. It also impacts—both directly and indirectly—the subject matter of both her previous and forthcoming EP.

“It’s a journey through, I guess, a difficult time in someone’s life where you’re feeling emotions of depression and despair, and just kind of feeling like you don’t want to live your life anymore, and you’re just kind of stuck and hopeless,” RED revealed about her writing process for S.O.S. “I felt like I wanted to put something out that addressed those feelings, because in my life I had met so many people who were going through those struggles, and I myself had gone through those struggles as well.”

Cranking out that EP with the help of Grammy-nominated producer and engineer Darryl Swann was part of a catharsis the artist experienced—which is also seminal to her experience listening to (at excessive volumes in her load), recording, and performing rock music. Consequently, she’s on much firmer terrain for the corpus of cuts to encompass her new EP for which “The Cradle” will likely be the opening number.

“The Cradle is about going through those difficult times, being cleansed, and starting anew,” RED remarked. “The theme around this new music I’m working on, this new body of work, is rebirth. So, it’s [about] coming through the tough times and coming out on the other side whole.”

In this era, we should all be so lucky. There’s no date or title as of yet for RED’s new EP.     

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