AUDIO: Tai Mistyque Featuring Tae The Don – “Picture Me”

Tai Mistyque has a new track out with Tae The Don, and she keeps things sultry on “Picture Me.” With a beat that lives off of the vocal ad-libs and hard hitting snares, there’s little subtlety from the R&B act. Mistyque isn’t afraid to lean into her sexuality on the song, but it’s done in a way that doesn’t feel overtly raunchy, which is a fine line many acts have to learn to walk. Tae The Don’s contribution is a melodic verse from the male perspective, and it makes for a strong compliment to Mistyque’s vocals. Tai Mistyque has put together a strong repertoire of tracks in the past year, and this is some of her best work yet. Check out “Picture Me” below:

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