Steve Contino Sings Heartfelt Messages From His Old Love Letters In The Song ‘All I Need’

Originally from the Bronx, Steve Contino is a singer & songwriter who followed love to South Carolina. He has been playing drums since the age of ten and picked up the guitar only about five years ago, after spending many years in the corporate world. The artist believes it is never too late to follow one’s dreams, which is also reflected in his budding career. Although it may seem that Contino has started late, at an age when most people would shy away from pursuing a career in music, Contino’s talents make up for it all. 

Like most musicians, the singer started playing in garage bands in high school and has over two decades worth of experience, singing and playing in a local church band. His genres are mostly light rock and a little pop. Although his music is mostly influenced by Journey, Foreigner and Bryan Adams, the artist is highly dynamic; he has a distinct style of his own that makes elements of his songs unique. He is on the fast track to becoming popular.

Steve Contino derives inspiration from his life, views on people, their relationships, and the world. The lyrics to his song “All I Need” are about 20 years old. Before they were married, Steve and his wife were in a long distance relationship and used to write letters to each other. Most of the lyrics come from one of those letters. This is what makes the song so relatable for anyone whose loved ones are away from them for a long time. The lyrics tell a story that is easy to connect to. 

He usually writes the lyrics first and the music then comes to him. His songwriting process is just taking thoughts and feelings and putting them down on paper. From there, he puts the lyrics into a song format and just starts playing around on the guitar until he hears something that works. He plays all the instruments and does all the recording himself. The artist uses Garageband; all the guitar parts are recorded into a mic using an acoustic guitar and the drums are an electric drum kit. He then uses effects for the lead and bass. 

Although producing is not his strongest talent, he mixed his first 4 singles himself. For the last 2 releases, he sent the tracks to a producer to be mixed and mastered. He just finished recording a new single and it is being produced now. That song is a little different from his others, the lyrics being about death and his personal story of loss. He’s hoping to release it in mid August.

Due to Covid, Steve has been more engaged in writing than performing. He has played at one open mic before as well as years of performing with a church band. He is excited to go out there and start performing again soon. He wants to collaborate with Ed Sheeran or Bryan Adams someday. He also enjoys listening to Better Than Ezra lately. He feels that he can identify with the songs in their deluxe album as he is from down south as well. 

Social Media is an important platform for him because it’s really the only way to get his music heard. Even though it’s hard and takes up more hours than actually creating the music, it seems like the only way to get fans. He is grateful for anyone who is a fan and supports his work. He hopes that they enjoy the music and that it makes them feel something. The artist’s music can be found on Spotify and YouTube. Fond of engaging with his audience, Contino can be reached on his social media and open to interviews.

Listen to ‘All I Need’ by Steve Contino on YouTube.

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