AUDIO: Protege Featuring Nubian Nkiru & DarylAnne – “Count On Me”

Protege has a new track out, and he’s embracing the joys of newborn fatherhood on “Count On Me.” The track features Nubian Nkiru & DarylAnne, both of whom add some timely vocals, and the whole song has a very caring feel to it. Protege touches on some truly human feelings, bucking the trend of rappers having to still sound tough no matter the circumstance. There’s the awestruck feeling of holding your newborn, and the promise to be a supporting father, a message far too seldom in the world of music. It’s a track that will make you feel good when you hear it, and make you proud of Protege as a human as well as an artist. Listen to “Count On Me” below:

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