AUDIO: Tito Jackson – “Love One Another”

Tito Jackson captivates once again with his new single, ‘Love One Another’ from his upcoming album, ‘Under Your Spell’, which is due on the 6th of August via Gulf Coast and Hillside Global.

Tito has held the gift since a young age, and his star talent shines like a dazzling ray in the night sky. His performance is genuine, and he makes the most of it right away, with his raw and gritty voice quality taking leaps and bounds as the record proceeds.

The tune begins with a crunchy guitar rhythm that bursts through the speakers, accompanied by Stevie Wonder’s passionate harmonica performance. Also, we hear Marlon Jackson, Bobby Rush, and Kenny Neal’s prowess on the album’s first track, and they synergise flawlessly with Tito’s unique vocal quality, leaving our mouths watering with relish.

‘Love One Another’ brings a feel-good groove to the forefront of blues-rock in an instant. Furthermore, the bassline’s fascinating tempo adds to the joy of the event. Similarly, the beat taps away with a foot-stomping pace, rattling the soul with its exquisite driving movement.

Despite the fact that the tone is cheery, the message is relevant and honest about today’s culture. Furthermore, given that the world is in desperate need of a giant embrace, Tito’s encouragement to everyone to love one another could not have come at a better moment, and his words ring true well after the track concludes.

‘Love One Another’ is out on the 9th of July.

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