Purverse Addresses Police Brutality And The Mistreatment Of People Of Color In His Song ‘Black Metal Rebel’

Purverse‘s sound is very dark and heavy, with deep lyricism.  He also mixes different elements of rock/metal in his music sometimes, along with some horror. His musical influences range from Eminem, Hopsin, 2Pac, Canibus and Tech N9ne on the rap side to Rage Against the Machine on the rock side.

Black Metal Rebel” is a song the artist wrote in 2018 to address police brutality and mistreatment of black males in America. This was before the George Floyd incident happened and was made to combat the blue lives matter movement that was created in Dallas. 

Listeners can feel the intensity of the beat in the song and connect with the powerful message behind the lyrics because there’s a lot of police brutality going on in the world. The artist believes that his fans of color can really relate to the song. 

Purverse’s songwriting process begins with picking a beat and freestyling on it for a little bit until he comes up with a concept for the song that goes well with the beat. Then he writes the lyrics, one or two verses at a time but he prioritizes the chorus first.

The artist said: “I don’t really need music all the time but it certainly helps create the vibe of the song and dictates how the song is made. I’ve made my best songs written without the beat but beats can help the lyrics of the song get more creative.”

Purverse is currently working on three EPs, namely ‘Deadly Melody’, ‘DethKult’ and ‘We Are Not The Same’. Some songs on ‘We Are Not The Same’ and ‘DeathKult’ have already been released but he’s still tweaking his albums a little bit. He has been working on these EPs since 2018 and is hoping to release them soon.

He has self-produced one album and one of his unreleased EPs. He stopped producing and started rapping over better producers’ beats recently, but he’s considering starting to rap over his own beats again.

The artist has only performed at open mics so far but once things open back up, he wants to perform at Trees in Dallas, Gas Monkey Bar& Grill and Poor David’s Pub. These are all significant places because they allow independent artists to perform and it’s where a lot 0f opening acts got their start from.

He’s currently listening to Detroit Dino, Jaiden Rixx, Jack WD and Laylo Lyricist because he digs their lyrical style. He also has a personal relationship with all of these artists and did a feature with two of them. He’s also a huge fan of Hopsin and would love to collaborate with him sometime in the future. 

The artist believes that social media put a name to the face of a musician and creates their brand. A lot of artists lack personality and think it’s just about the music, but social media allows people to really see your life story and the hustle that goes into your music.

Listen to ‘Black Metal Rebel’ by Purverse on Spotify.


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