Playboi Beanz Has The Perfect Mix Of Fast Melodic Rapping And Punk Lyrics

Figi” by Playboi Beanz is a song showing people you can accomplish anything with hard work. He considers being an artist a rebirth from what he previously was and he tried to convey the empowerment of doing what you want and not letting anybody tell you otherwise in his new song. 

He uses his music to spread his message; he encourages others to not let anything hold them back from what they want, even if they think it’s impossible. He believes that listeners will connect to the heartbreak portrayed in the song, as well as the hunger for money and finer things in life.

Playboi Beanz has a unique voice and a catchy flow. He represents a lot of anger and sadness in his music. He has a deep voice but he likes fast melodic rapping, much like Lil Uzi Vert, so he’s big on autotune. Besides Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti also has a major influence on his music. These two artists are what he grew up listening to and he would love to be able to collaborate with them someday.

He also enjoys listening to Cochise and Trippie Redd because of the heavy synths with the hard 808s and punk theme in their songs. The artist likes the punk, trap, rockstar style of music with a lot of rage and heartbreak in the lyrics.

Playboi Beanz self-produces all of his music. He started by just making beats and later decided to give rapping a go. He learned to mix his vocals and the beats to make it sound good and has been doing this for a year now. He hasn’t used anyone else’s beats for any of his songs. 

His songwriting process begins with making a few beats and then picking the one he likes the most. He needs a beat to come up with lyrics so he just listens to it on the speaker a couple times and starts freestyling and making melodies on it. When he’s happy with something, he starts rearranging the words in a better way to come up with some good bars. He repeats that for each section of the song till it’s done. 

He has previously released a full album but he’s currently only releasing singles until he feels ready to put out another album. He’s also excited to start performing at different venues in the future. 

The artist believes that social media is a very important platform for him. It helps me directly engage with fans if needed and allows him to get any message across, with a guarantee that people will see it.

As a message to his fans, he said: “Mad love to any and all of my fans. If it wasn’t for them, my life wouldn’t have changed like it did. Without that support, I wouldn’t have been as motivated to build what I have now and be in the studio every single day grinding. Seriously, the support means everything to me.”

Listen to ‘Figi’ by Playboi Beanz on Spotify.

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