AUDIO: T.Reese – “Last Day In”

While Tee Grizzley made a name for himself with his “First Day Out”, Milwaukee artist T.Reese is keeping that feel on his new single, “Last Day In”. Written around the premise of a verse on his last day of a jail bid, T.Reese takes a beat with lots of bass and uses it to flex all over the track. The energy is high on this one, and the topics are a bit all over the place, spitting with the urgency of a rapper trying to cover all of the bases in a single song. The biggest thing that comes across on this song is T.Reese’s charisma on the microphone, which feels natural with the amount of braggadocios bars that hit here. T.Reese has plenty of tracks out, but we’ll be seeing where he takes the momentum from this song later this year, as this looks like the precursor to a project. Check out “Last Day In” here:

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