AUDIO: Ivan Makvel – “How You Make Me Feel”

Ivan Makvel and Gil Masuda are smashing it with their new funk release, ‘How You Make Me Feel’. It is a modern release with plenty of fresh hooks, but it also takes hints from yesteryear’s best funk.

The groovy number pushes through the industry noise with a soundscape that is individual and refreshing. Also, the vocals are in a realm of their own, providing a glimpse of how more songs may sound in the future. Additionally, they come with a ‘Daft Punk’ vibe, but they also stand out with memorability, and they are not a reflection of what we have heard before.

Musically, Ivan teams up with Gil, and between them, they unleash the goods! They both possess heaps of experience in the game, which is evident when looking at the entire mix. It is technical but also not in your face with over-complicated sections. Additionally, the breadwinner on the track is the catchy hook which keeps the enthusiasm flowing from start to finish. It appears regularly, but it does not become repetitive—likewise, the musical flow seeps deep into the soul.

Overall, ‘How You Make Me Feel’ is a track that gets better with every playthrough. It is inviting, and the sounds are welcome at a time when the world needs some feel-good. It also gets the endorphins rising rapidly with a summer touch. Mind you, has it come out too early, given that Summer is a few months off? Probably not; it will undoubtedly still be hanging around for many months.

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