Kav M$Ghty’s ‘Light’ Finds Hope in The Darkest Point of Life

Born in Montreal and raised in Toronto, Kav M$ghty is known for being a quiet, soft-spoken, introverted, and mysterious kid. In 2016, he found his love for music. In 2019, he found a passion for it.

Kav is an experimental artist that talks about his struggles with autism and anxiety through his music. He wants to bring awareness to people who struggle with their mental health and motivate them to become the best version of themselves even in this cruel world.

His single, ‘Light,’ is about trying to find the smallest amount of light in moments that you have a hopeless state of mind. Kav shares, “Even in the darkest point of life, you can still see the light or know it will come your way. Never giving up is key.”

With his songs, Kav talks about a lot of dark topics, but he sings them in an uplifting way. Some of his influences are ASAP Rocky, Travis Scott, and Kid Cudi. Excluding getting lyrical inspiration from his mental health state, he gets his vision from watching documentaries, cartoons, anime, and movies.

Listen to Kav M$ghty’s ‘Light’ on YouTube and Spotify.


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