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AUDIO: Dan Kolesari – “Light”

Singer-songwriter Dan Kolesari dropped a new single this past week. It’s a rootsy rock jam about life playing out and making sense in the long run. He enlisted local band Burgundy Ties to join in on the recording, and the result will have you putting your arm around your friends and telling them that you’re happy they’re here. We hope

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Kav M$Ghty’s ‘Light’ Finds Hope in The Darkest Point of Life

Born in Montreal and raised in Toronto, Kav M$ghty is known for being a quiet, soft-spoken, introverted, and mysterious kid. In 2016, he found his love for music. In 2019, he found a passion for it. Kav is an experimental artist that talks about his struggles with autism and anxiety through his music. He wants to bring awareness to people

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