Relate to The Renaissance of Indie R&B and Hip – Hop with T H R O N E’s ‘Remember Rain’

T H R O N E is a collaboration between the artistic couple Hayatheus (hi-ah-theus) and YVHIKV (yuh-hey-guh). Their distinct alternative hip-hop sound draws inspiration from artists like Gorillaz, Daniel Caesar, Xxxtentacion, Earl Sweatshirt, and Jorja Smith.

The duo has spent the last year learning how to combine their influences and styles into intentional music. Their goal is to have their sound reflect the same complexity as their experiences and the same depth as their relationship.

With this, T H R O N E stands by a couple of elements that help develop their music: philosophy, skill, empathy, and unapologetic authenticity. Hayatheus is originally from North Carolina, while YVHIKV hails from Mvskoke (Creek) Nation in Oklahoma. Currently, the pair resides in the Sandia Mountains of New Mexico.

Their latest single, ‘Remember Rain,’ is the first song the couple has made that they are satisfied with and proud of. T H R O N E worked with the fantastic beat maker Nostalgia from Capetown, South Africa. Due to this, the song gave off a very alternative and exceptional vibe.

‘Remember Rain’ starts with YVHIKV’s layered neo-soul singing. From the beginning, they established a type of indie-contemporary mood. Then, at 1:15 the beat switches up into an Earl Sweatshirt-type chop with Hayatheus’s reflective flow and conscious bars.

Listen to T H R O N E’s ‘Remember Rain’ on YouTube and Spotify.

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