GEA Exposes the “Truth Between the Lies” on New Single, Video

By Deuce

GEA is the songstress behind the single and video “Truth Between the Lies” and, as such, is deserving of credit for turning in a tasty vocal performance, a heckuva conceptual tune, and (most likely) penning this ode.

Her high-pitched soprano arches eyebrows just listening to it, particularly as she undulates on certain notes. It’s a winning style that’s immediately noticeable, and one not commonly heard on tunes with any sort of pop orientation.

But her producer, lone musician, and behind-the-boards wizard Chris Birkett threatens to eclipse the best of her efforts with that of his own. It matters little if they’re focused on any number of electric guitars on this ditty that manage to wail without distorting, to compel sans overdosing on stereotypical grunge, or if he’s simply hooking up the fat, sloppy, classic mid-90’s drum pattern with a snare just dripping with effects.

In all of those areas, and others, his music animates, lights, and powers through the track to put the vocalist in that rare position to do whatsoever she pleases on the cut, because it’s going to sound good anyway.

The paragon of this fact is demonstrated on the hook. Sure, you’ve got GEA’s voice soaring “right in front of your eyes”, but Birkett jumps on the wah wahs with a performance that would do Isaac Hayes or any true funkster much credit. You can’t talk or barely even blink as swiftly as he gets to cutting it up on this fabled instrument, breathing new life and shifting boundaries apart with the motion of his fingers.

Such instrumentation is alluded to in his other expressions, such as the pair of electric guitars and comparatively staid bass that open the tune up. The higher of the former creates the sort of tension GEA seemingly references in the titular phrase ensconced in the lyrics. But this musicianship manifestation manages to move, to give way to the singer during the verses, deliciously bathe her in sound (and guitar nirvana) during the hooks, and sail away into the sunset, leaving you wondering how the artist—and that producer of hers— could possibly follow this up.

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  • Hey Deuce, this is an awesome review. Thanks a million for including me in it. Please let me know how I can contact you as I have something I’m working on that I think you would like. Chris Birkett

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