‘Game Face’ by Dj DMC Will Get Your Blood Pumping

Dave McClain who goes by the name Dj DMC is a couple of years in as an artist/producer. His full album that was released this year is called DANCE. He has collaborated with Mr. Mixx of the world-famous 2 Live Crew and Polo Frost, and up and coming rapper making big waves in Detroit.

Dj DMC had two major surgeries in less than one year. He struggled with depression and used his love for music to help him through. He has over 25 plus years of experience as a DJ and has opened for major recording artists including Young MC Tone Loc, All 4 One, Color me Badd, Coolio Salt-N-Pepa.

‘Game Face’ by Dj DMC is a hard-hitting excitement song that is bound to get you pumped up and full of energy. Dj DMC says “I envision professional sports teams running out to this song or a boxer using this to come into the ring.”

Dj DMC is currently collaborating with some worldwide artists on a single and has the album DANCE 2 in process.

Listen to Dj DMC’s ‘Game Face’ on Youtube  and Spotify


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