VIDEO: YKWiS – Lucien Parker & Rahn Harper

#YKWiS is a show produced by WI Proud Entertainment, a platform that helps promote hip hop/R&B, fashion, dance & comedy across the Wisconsin area. Hosted by Jordan Kellogg, the show has the same passion for local music as all of the contributors to Breaking And Entering share. Make sure you check them out on YouTube as well!

Today on #YKWiS, We’re celebrating and decking the halls with two artist representing the Midwest. The first artist we are highlighting, Lucien Parker, orignates from the Minneapolis area and has adopted Wisconsin as a second home. Currently operating a studio on Milwaukee’s East side, Lucien has dropped many classics and more to come. Artist number two is a smooth songwriter by the name of Rahn Harper, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Rahn Harper makes fantastic Pop/R&B/Hip Hop music and has been making his own wave around the city! Tune into J Kellz review of these two highlighted artists.

Songs: Lakeyah // Big Flexer (feat. 42 Dugg) Lucien Parker // Round Me Lucien Parker // Common Knowledge Rahn Harper // Scenery Rahn Harper // Stay Keyz // On One (feat. Taye Sharkiee)

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