AUDIO: Chakara Blu – “Free Loc”

Chakara Blu’s latest project, “Free Loc”, dropped earlier this fall and flew under the radar. However, it’s a strong effort that not only pays homage to Big Regg Loc, who appears via phone on the intro, but showcases Blu’s skills as well. With seven tracks in total, the project keeps things tight, with Chakara flowing with purpose. There’s swagger all over her delivery on tracks like “Latter Dayz”, which is guaranteed to get you moving. Milwaukee’s hip hop scene has been put on notice with this project from Chakara Blu, and there’s a lot more where this comes from. Check out “Free Loc” below:

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  • On my radar it went to Japan, Arizona, and more places that I hope to tour to one day. The most played songs on this Ep are Throw Down B*tch, Big Dagger, and Hypnos. I’d say it did good. Thank you for this gave a G joy.

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