2020 Milwaukee Music: Year In Review Presented by Mystery Room Mastering

It has been a hell of a year. There’s no denying it. While there are a lot of things that we’d like to leave in 2020, the music being made in Milwaukee should live on, and we’re doing that with our yearly time capsule, the 2020 Year In Review playlist presented by Mystery Room Mastering. This year’s playlist features over 200 artists, and over 12 hours of music. While this is not a “best of” list, or by any means an all-encompassing playlist, it is reflective of the immense amount of music being made in the Milwaukee area of all genres, and the talent our city possesses.

From our standpoint, this has also been an important year. Breaking And Entering has created more content than ever before in a single year, and had a readership reflective of that. A sincere thank you to everyone that has helped contribute to this website in 2020, and to all of our readers from all over not just Milwaukee, but the rest of the world as well. Cheers to 2021, and put this playlist on shuffle below.

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