AUDIO: Ramblin’ Deano and HIs Enablers – “Pills, Puppies, and Bacon”

Singer/songwriter Ramblin’ Deano’s new album, “Pills, Puppies, and Bacon” demonstrates what happens when bluegrass flare and punk rock ideology combine. As you can hear from the opening track, “Hater Generator,” Dean Schlabowske reacts to the state of the world with a fiery energy in his vocals. With impassioned tones combining with technical proficiency from backing band His Enablers, and a generous sprinkling of country twang, this album is a diamond in the rough. There’s political aggression, as well as commentary on the state of the world and our reliance on technology, and a bit of humor as well. If you have a fondness for Americana, this album is a must-listen. Check it out below:

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