AUDIO: Julia Thomsen – “New Beginnings”

What I love most about December is the number of Christmas tracks which appear. However, it is not often that I find myself gravitating to one quite as much as I did when I first came across ‘New Beginnings’ by Julia Thomsen.

It is a classical composition which delves into the Christmas space, and it pierces its way through with passionate vigour. So much so, it reminds me of the type of track which would ring out of a Christmas film. Why has no on snapped this up yet? Maybe they have, who knows.

Without any vocals being present, the mix still speaks a thousand words. I can almost feel the emotion as if it were a tangible component. Furthermore, the synths push through the speakers with nail-biting texture, and the gradual ascent and descent keeps us hooked from the get-go.

Also, what makes ‘New Beginnings’ even more magical is that this track has the power to save a homeless persons Christmas. Moreover, Julia is kindly donating proceeds to the Shelter charity to help them during one of the worst periods in recent history. Also, her kind gesture is spreading awareness for the number of homeless people who will be unable to spend Christmas indoors this year.

Lastly, Julia can do no wrong with her work. She has a consistency which I relish, and it feels like only yesterday since she was moving me with her ‘Beauty Inside And Out’ release. So much so, 2021 is looking very bright for the artist. Also, for us too as long as the British composer keeps unleashing gems like this one.

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