VIDEO: J.O.S.E. – “Lights In The Dark”

One thing that stands out about J.O.S.E. is his distinct style as both an artist and videographer. Those styles combine with one another well, and that results in visuals like his latest, “Lights In The Dark.” The beat is on the simpler side, but sounds large at time with piano stabs and large, breathy synth pads. J.O.S.E. gets gritty with the verses, talking about what he wants to accomplish and elevating himself as a man as well as an artist. The video has the trademark CTM Films style to it, with visuals of both the South Side and his family, representing why he works as hard as he does. J.O.S.E. is poised to elevate, and you can check that out here with “Lights In The Dark” below:

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