AUDIO: Jameel Mason – “Quarantine Mami”

Jameel Mason is the driving force of modern hip hop. Furthermore, his new release ‘Quarantine Mami’ is spreading like wildfire across the global scene, and it is evident to see why.

It is a track which excites from the get-go. Fusing modern hooks with reflective elements, Jameel ticks all the right boxes and many, including myself, cannot seem to get enough of this new piece. ‘Quarantine Mami’ relates to the modern lockdown period the world has been witnessing. Furthermore, in the record, Jameel sends a message to a loved one stating that all he wants is for them to be by his side.

However, the track is not just a heartfelt delivery, and he pushes himself to the front of the genre with a sound which is challenging to shake off. It comes with a roaring rhythm which will get you tapping your foot instantly. Also, the melodic arrangement which drives the track forward is majestic.

I also enjoy how Jameel mixes the track up regularly. So much so, he recruits support from female vocalist, Alix Ford. The addition of Alix is wholesome, and she adds a new edge to the sharp quality. Similar to Jameel, Alix sings with honesty, and her voice shines like a beaming light. However, it would be refreshing to hear her provide some input in Jameel’s sections also, possibly with both Jameel and Alix singing together? Well, there is still time for them to team up on a hook and I am sure it would be colossal, given their solo performances.

Overall, I believe this track is the post lockdown release we have all been craving. It adds something just that little bit different, and it welds an original sound which results in the reply button getting hammered.

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