AUDIO: Reggie Bonds – “Written Textile”

Luxury and exclusivity are at the forefront of Reggie Bonds’ mind as of late. In May, he released his album “The Black Tape: A Black Ass Rap Album” with an $111.11 price tag, and no digital downloads. He also released his “Gallery.101” project this year, with no names for the tracks, but rather “Private Collection” and corresponding numbers instead. On his latest single, “Written Textile,” he looks to the world of fashion again, alluring to brands like Off-White, Yeezy, Chanel and more when comparing his style to most. In short, Bonds’ raps are of the highest quality, and his flow over a stylish beat reinforces that theory. We know that Reggie Bonds is always into something just a little different compared to most, so you’ll have to pay attention to whatever he’s up to next. Check out “Written Textile” below:

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