Satellites In Orbit Take It There On New Single “That’s True”

By Deuce

“That’s True”, the latest release from duo Satellites in Orbit, is an action-packed ensemble of an affair, all in one song. In fact, the track is a burgeoning pastiche of sound bites, samples, and snippets that at times overwhelms and, at others, is deceptively simple.

Actually, this four and a half minute odyssey is a bit like a labyrinth that defies convention in almost every way possible. Most rap songs simply have verses and a hook. The most adventuresome will throw in a breakdown or some other form of a bridge. “That’s True” shatters that paradigm in myriad ways. There’s at least five or six different changes (think of them as movements, if you will) within this number. The amazing thing is more than one of them reoccurs—unlike the case when there’s simply a hook .

If anything, this rapid progression of motions within this tune, encompassing both the lyrics and the music, is the single closest thing to a unified motif in this work. The production, courtesy of DRGS and DATACRON, simultaneously known as Adam Rushfield and Patrick Laundrie, respectively, is the foundation for these varying metamorphoses.

The bass line certainly has dub step overtones, is no slouch, but shifts just as you get used to its hard hitting effect, just to make sure you’re paying attention. At least one of the different snares on this voyage sounds overtly right and not dissimilar to the one on 2Pac’s “Ambitionz Az a Ridah”, which never hurts the situation.

Still, the majority of this collage is attributed to the varying degrees of vocal samples that adorn this work. Some are part of the music, others sound like they’re being cut and scratched (yes, scratching) during a chorus or one of the different hooks. All of them are high octane, taking you further into orbit, as it were, while the lyricist, or lyricists, possibly, go at it line for line.

From a lyrical perspective, what begins as your standard few introductory bars about good ol’ dope quickly transitions into something much more involving a woman and perhaps a hallucinogenic trip gone bad. It’s difficult to say for sure, which certainly alludes to the ardor with which the group approaches its latest release, hinting at what’s possible to come in the future.    

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