AUDIO: Lorde Fredd33 Featuring Thine Queen Tut – “Norf Korea”

Lorde Fredd33 seems to only be concerned with pushing his own boundaries, and he continues to do so with his newest single, “Norf Korea,” featuring Thine Queen Tut. With a beat that lives around energetic claps and synths, Fredd33 chants more than actually rapping in the opening minute of the song. When he does get to rapping, he’s talking about opening his mind up and being a free thinker. Tut brings things home with a delivery full of swagger, while still touching on some of the elements that Fredd33 was previously talking about. There’s an infectious energy to what Lorde Fredd33 is doing overall, and that ultimately feels like the only goal; energy. We’ll see where all of these singles are leading to in the coming months, but for right now, check out “Norf Korea” below:

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