AUDIO: Tanaka Makoni – “Eyes Off The Prize”

Tanaka Makoni is back with a gem ‘Lust’. She sings with confidence which is hard to resist, and her new release takes her on a new adventure.

Hip hop is the main ingredient here on ‘Lust’. It has a contemporary feel but yet stays gritty around the edges. As a result, it makes for an exciting listen with a myriad of qualities poking out from the get-go. Ask me, what I like most about the track, and I will struggle because it ticks all my boxes with each sound, adding something precious.

Kicking off is a robust intro with a backbeat which grips instantly. On top of the beat is a vocal harmony which comes in a muffled style. It is almost like someone singing through a face mask. I like the approach because it leads us into a clear vocal from Tanaka Makoni who sings with poise and true prevalence.

Vocally, Tanaka Makoni proves she is a force. She has an unorthodox approach which many will relish. Her technique is unique, and she often delves more into the spoken word before unleashing an unforgettable more contemporary chorus lead with her singing in an angelic fashion. The chorus captivates with the singer plucking away at the heartstrings. Her performance is similar to the greats of this genre, but yet she adds plenty of new characteristics too for good measure.

Overall, it is a track which combines hip hop with pop perfectly. There is just about something for everybody here, and it has the power to catapult us into a space of calm and tranquillity. But, I would love to hear the singer vary her structure slightly in her future tracks to add a little more excitement along the way.

You can take a listen to ‘Lust’ by Tanaka Makoni below.

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