AUDIO: Victoria Moralez – “Eyes Off The Prize”

The reason I first fell in love with pop was that it comes in all different shades. One minute we hear artists dropping contemporary pop with a ballad direction the next we have a pop starlet like Victoria Moralez bringing the dance feel good.

On ‘Eyes Off The Prize’ Victoria takes us into a new realm. She brings influences from the 90’s dance days but yet manages to stay genuine and accurate to the modern era. I relish how she brings an unorthodox singing approach too, with her singing with a unique technique. Cleverly, she blends her soft method with a grittier direction regular, and it makes for a refreshing change within various sections.

The chorus hook is what gripped me here. So much so, it can lodge itself deep. As a result, it isn’t easy to get it out of your hear once listening to it. But, for all the right reasons. Furthermore, it does not boost any annoyance, and although the words do repeat themselves quite a lot, it stays likeability throughout.

Musically, it is pretty unusual, yet exciting. I would not have expected the singer to add a synth lead onto a drumbeat in this fashion. It sounds like something from a hop record, but yet it gives her a unique corner which not many artists delve into these days. Yes, some artists make similar tracks to this, but the subtle differences with instruments make it stand out like a warm shining beacon on a cold winter evening.

For me, I cannot fault this track. The vocals are on point, and the music fundamental is gripping, and it leaves us itching for more. You can take a listen to ‘Eyes Off The Prize’ by Victoria Moralez below.

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