AUDIO: Danny Smart – “She’s Mine”

One thing I love about country rock is that it comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The new track from Danny Smart follows suit with a fresh approach making the final mix from the Yorkshire based rocker.

He combines a contemporary country feel to his signature sound, which creates for quite a unique cocktail. He sings with plenty of emotion, and he is proud of his lover. This topic is close to his heart with his passion dripping all over the stand out production.

Musically, it hits the ground running. It kicks off in flying form with a thumping beat and a smooth guitar rhythm which grips from the second the pick hits the strings. As it progresses, the track grows and before we know it we are in with a huge chorus which comes full of catchy hooks. Danny’s melody sticks like chewy on the boot, and it is difficult to shake it off well after clicking play.

My only pet hate is that I would love to hear a little more backing harmonies in places. I believe that even the addition of a female vocalist lending backing harmonies could have added wonders to the record. We hear it a lot in country tracks like this, and the synergy of male and female voice can pay off dividends. Maybe one for next time, Danny?

Overall, it is a track which shines radiantly. Also, it proves that UK country music is taking giant leaps, and Danny Smart is taking the lead. He has intertwined numerous likeable sounds and while staying true to himself, proves a contemporary name which is taking no hostages with his top-class charm.

So, wait no longer. You can listen to ‘She’s Mine’ by Danny Smart below.

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