AUDIO: Bob Lost – “The Robert Missing Experience”

For the past year or so, it’s felt like Bob Lost was feeling out his new identity. The former Trashman Shunny sounds fully evolved, though, on his new album, “The Robert Missing Experience”. The ten track project features recent singles “Pourin’ Moonlight” and “Excuse Me”, and plenty of dark-sounding beats from start to finish. Bob Lost has a swagger about him that feels like the next level of his former identity, and the singles admittedly sound better within the context of the full project. Features from Nick Grace, Yjtgm, Izyk Redding and Sha break up the sound, adding verses that compliment Bob’s generally swagger filled demeanor, which he carries from start to finish on the album. While he may not totally be found yet, Bob Lost sounds like more of a developed artist on this album than he has in his previous months. Get “The Robert Missing Experience” by listening below:

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