AUDIO: Twan Mack – “Born 4 This”

Twan Mack is the true embodiment of a “lifer” in hip hop. Over the last few years, he’s proven that he can be versatile, and whether bouncing around the house as Rapman in his “Marvelous” video, or getting political on tracks like “B.I.G.O.T.”, he can take to an uptempo beat with ease. However, his latest is “Born 4 This”, a stripped down track that feels like part rap, part spoken word, and is written partially as a response to the climate of the world, while also providing meaningful insights from his perspective on where he’s at in life. As he explains in the intro of the track, Twan Mack is simply working with what the universe hands him, and we’re all very fortunate to have him as an emcee. Check out “Born 4 This” below:

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