AUDIO: Meccah Maloh – “The Majestic”

Producer/emcee extraordinaire Meccah Maloh is back with a new album, “The Majestic”, and while we’ve seen glimpses of his true potential in the past, he truly shines on this release. With a crate full of soulful sample-based beats and a relentless flow, Maloh doesn’t waste time, with songs like opener “I’m Here” and recent single “Protest!” feeling all-too-relevant in the statements that they make. There’s a lot of appealing to the underground here, with dark, looming production akin to a backpacker’s sonic style at times, but gives way to brighter spots like “Higher Than My Flights” and the uplifting “You A God, You A King” later in the record. “The Majestic” is a project that Meccah Maloh can point to as a landmark in his career, and you can check out the project below:

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