AUDIO: Phat Nerdz – “Not A Crowd In THe Sky”

The collective known as Phat Nerdz know how to deliver a quality project, and their skill is on full display with two of their more prominent emcees on their latest release, “Not A Crowd In The Sky”. The EP features Nile and Mighty Morphin’ Verge, a pair within the larger collective that have been collaborating more recently, as well as production from the team’s in-house producers. Anchored by recent single “Shadow Clone”, you can hear a contrast between the two artists, though both get ample time to shine on this release, hitting their stride on tracks like “Zelda” and the visceral “Carnage”, the latter featuring mostly freestyled verses according to the duo. “Not A Crowd In The Sky” only makes a crack in the treasure chest that is Phat Nerdz open, and if you need a place to start with this local collective, this is it. Check out “Not A Crowd In The Sky” below:

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