AUDIO: Near Death Experience – “Conquer”

Near Death Experience know a thing or two about indie rock music. From the first listen I knew that this was not the band’s first project, although I cannot find any hard evidence to say they have been part of other groups, I doubt this is their first project.

Why? Because they flaunt a sound which you would expect from an artist back in the 80s making a comeback. They have a power which I could not help but fall for, and this anthemic kind of rock is what I enjoy most about the scene. The track has everything for an indie rock fan but then again, funk lovers too. Each member of the group brings something new to the counter, and they all appear to have a different influence which makes for a remarkable end product.

The guitar lead which starts gripped me. I was trying to work out the influence. But I will be honest; I gave up after a while because it’s original in its entirety. Vocally, though there is a lot of similarities to the psychedelic era and the bold trajectory which Ian Whiteling delivers could be considered similar to The Doors.

Structurally, we hear the group follow a fairly conventional style, but yet there is plenty to get excited about as it progresses. New elements make it into the mix, and instruments change their sound quicker than a Usain Bolt sprint. But, I like that, I enjoy that they switch up their music regularly and it prevents the sound from falling into the monotonous constant, which we hear a lot these days in the indie scene.

Overall, Near Death Experience are taking giant leaps with each track they release. Also, each track has a longevity factor which I doubt many can ignore. Therefore, it would not surprise me to hear this track still getting regular spins in many years to come.

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